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Direct Marketing / Call Center

Cabinet Michau has an extensive knowledge of the consumers, personal data and private life protection rules and regulations in France and Europe, as applied to electronic treatment through database information systems and calling centers.

The firm is renown for its expertise in direct marketing, phoning and the prevision of personal data through on-line services, Intranets, mobile and fixed telecommunications networks (GSM)… etc…

In those fields, Cabinet Michau advises and helps in the setting up and commerce of nominal files especially through mail-order selling services, e.commerce, bank and insurance on-line, interactive TV (cable or satellite), electronic measuring of the audience, (profiling) partitioning, direct marketing , calling centers, electronic advertising, intranets, news group, listening tables, medical data processing, directories etc…

The firm is at the fore front of cross-border personal data flows contracts, the auditing of information systems, databases, intranets, video control systems and operations checking (including security).

Emmanuel MICHAU has successfully handled some of the largest European litigations in this field.