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Computer Database

Cabinet Michau has a large experience in advising and negotiating contract related to : the legal protection of databases, information system integration, merging and acquisition in electronic data processing, transfer of technologies, outsourcing, licensing, franchising, insurance and banking specific processing, networks and mobile, electronic data processing, …
Cabinet gives his expert opinion to the recent e.commerce actors as well as to the major actors in Insurance, Banking, Data provision and companies acting as customers or suppliers of office services, intranets, information systems, calling centers, customers/prospects files, directories, audience rating services, profiling, physical or electronic mailing, direct marketing, sales houses on the Internet, multimedia mediums (interactive TV, CD Rom, CDI, DVD) in the telecommunication or network services, …

We have an extensive knowledge of issues related to the personal data and private life protection, as well as cross border data flows.

Cabinet Michau has a 15-ears experience in advising, negotiating contracts and handling contentious matters in telecommunications, information technologies, intellectual property and communication.

Cabinet Michau is expert in French or European Community legal issues related to :

  • Technology agreements
  • Transfer of trade secrets
  • Licensing of software and IP rights
  • Counterfeiting and piracy
  • Criminal actions through networks
  • Competition
  • Customers management/administration
  • Profiling
  • Consumers protection
  • Personal data and privacy
  • Cross border data flows
  • Payments and smart card
  • Computer services hosting
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Intellectual property
  • R and D agreements
  • « On line » order or subscription contracts
  • Mail order sale
  • Direct marketing
  • Mailing, telephony, fax prospecting
  • Directories
  • Calling centers
  • Administrative teleprocedures
  • And the like