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  • Computer Law In France: Trade and Commerce of IT/IP Products
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    Paperback — 358 pages (May 1, 1998)
    The Computer Law Association, Inc.; ISBN: 1885169175

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Book Description

Computer Law in France introduces the reader to the complex technology law Of France and the European Union. It gives the reader a sense of the exploitable Opportunities and dangerous pitfalls inherent in the industry. Much like a Guidebook for travel, Mr. Michau’s work should be a constant companion to ensure A successful business endeavor in France’s or the European Union’s technology Market. This book details the entire process, from clearing European customs to Protecting intellectual property to calculating value added taxes. From the European regulation of the Internet to contracting with government entities, Computer Law in France covers the entire spectrum and is an unparalleled resource of know-how For companies and individuals doing business, or wanting to, in France.

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